Is Silical® System Safe?

Silical® System is a dietary supplement. The ingredients in Silical System are all found naturally in food. Here are some foods that contain the essential nutrients contained in Silical System:

8 oz Vitamin D fortified milk Calcium, Vitamin D and L-Arginine
5 oz salmon Calcium, Vitamin D and L-Arginine
1/2 cup prunes Vitamin K2, Silicon, Boron and Inositol
8 oz Vitamin D fortified orange juice Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Inositol
2 oz almonds Magnesium, Calcium, Boron and L-Arginine
1 cup oatmeal with raisins & Vitamin D fortified milk Magnesium, Silicon and Inositol
Medium serving of green beans Silicon and Inositol
2/3 cup cooked broccoli Vitamin C and Vitamin K2


If your diet permits eating these foods, you are able to take Silical System. Silical System contains reasonable amounts of these ingredients. It is not intended to add excessively to the recommended daily amount, but is intended to compensate for the amount you do not get from food. The average diet does not provide enough of some of the nutrients necessary for better bone health. Silical System helps complete your nutritional needs.

Silical System was developed based on scientific research that showed other bone health supplements contain nutrients at excessive levels and contain harmful plant extracts. On the contrary, the nutrients in Silical System are entirely food-based. If your doctor has questions, please show him this information.