Our Story

Why Institute for Better Bone Health Was Created

"My mother fell and broke her hip. As an Orthopedic Surgeon I knew she was in deep trouble. Her tragedy led me to launch the Institute for Better Bone Health." Charles Price, M.D.

Tragically, Dr. Price’s mother passed away after complications from a hip fracture. Four months after Dr. Price's mother's injury, his wife of 40 years was suffering from extremely low bone density – and he was determined not to allow his wife to become a statistic, too.

Dr. Price's extensive research led him to Silicon. The supplements he found being sold were not formulated to be easily absorbed. He formed a team of several prominent physicians and they produced a groundbreaking supplement system that includes silicon, calcium, vitamin D, and six other key bone-health ingredients. These nutrients work together to build bone collagen and enhance the effectiveness of Calcium and Vitamin D.

Our intent is for Institute for Better Bone Health (IBBH) to become a resource and research-rich company. We want consumers to learn more about bone health. We want doctors to learn about the latest advances in bone care. Most importantly, we want to continue to advance bone health care for people worldwide.