• Sue Price's Silical® Success Story

    Sue Matheson Price led a very active and healthy lifestyle, so she was surprised when she developed a bone problem. Since Sue started taking the Silical® System, tests show that her bones have improved greatly. Sue's personal trainer is also a big fan of the Silical® System. Listen to their testimony below!
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  • Study Reveals Satisfaction Of Life Increases Bone Health

    Osteoporosis is common among women as well as some men. Women are at increased risk during menopause. This disease intensifies the possibility of bone fractures which can result in serious consequences. Risk factors include lower levels of physical activity, decreased calcium with vitamin D intake, small body frame, smoking, depression, among other risk factors.

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  • Nutrients That Work Together

    Every day we hear about the benefits of a single vitamin or mineral, and this may give us the false idea that each nutrient is acting independently. For example, plenty of research studies show that vitamin D is good for bone health, so some people think that’s all they need. Or, maybe they add some calcium and think that’s enough.   Continue reading

  • Vitamin Excess Can Make You Sick

    As more is learned about excessive vitamins and minerals, it’s best to avoid mega-doses. This means paying attention to the amounts consumed in fortified foods and beverages along with avoiding megadoses in your supplements.
  • Popular Diets & Bone Health

    We hear a lot about various diets for achieving good health. These include the Paleo Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Alkaline Diet, South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, and many more. New diets are invented regularly, and a magazine for registered dietitians keeps them informed with articles like, “What are the names of some of the fad diets in 2016 that clients may ask dietitians about?”  These diets may have long term benefits while others are found to be ineffective or occasionally harmful. It wasn’t very long ago that high carbohydrate diets were popular but now the emphasis is more on lower intake of carbohydrates, especially sugar.

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