Your Soda Affects Bone Health. Should You Resolve to Quit?

On an average day, do you reach for a soft drink? Diet? Regular? Cola? You may have read that soda affects bone health. But, is your favorite really harming your bones?Here's the truth about whether soda affects bone health. And, if it's every soda, diet or regular, cola and non-cola.

5 Ways Soda Affects Bone Health

1. Colas Directly Affect Bone Health

Some sodas, specifically colas, contain phosphoric acids. Phosphoric acids are associated with low bone mineral density. This is especially a concern for older women (1).

This can be a big problem is you're already concerned about bone density or fractures. As we age, our risk of hip and other fractures increases significantly. And unfortunately, fractures are associated with an increase in mortality rate.

If you consume colas specifically, bone health is a great reason to quit.

2. Sodas Can Displace Healthier and Bone-Building Drinks

Throughout the life span, researchers have found that those with the highest soda consumption have the lowest milk and other healthy-drink consumption.

The issue?

Milk and beverages containing calcium and vitamin D help build bones. Sodas, especially colas, are associated with declining bone health.

Sodas affect bone health indirectly by decreasing the consumption of healthier drinks.

3. Diet Sodas Contain Artificial Sweeteners that Disrupt Gut Health and Absorptions

Does your diet soda contain aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, or other artificial sweeteners? Unfortunately, studies have found that these artificial sweeteners can impair gut bacteria (2).
In fact, studies have shown (3):
  • Aspartame may increase the number of harmful bacteria by 10%
  • Saccharin can reduce healthy bacteria 40%
  • Sucralose can decrease healthy bacteria by more than 2-fold

There are safe artificial sweeteners. They include erythritol, xylitol, and stevia, which do not seem to affect gut bacteria (4).

4. Sodas Contribute to Obesity

Obesity itself has been linked to low Vitamin D levels, and poor bone health.

Unfortunately, soda contributes to obesity. In fact, the sugars in regular soda directly raise blood sugars. This, in turn, requires an increased level of insulin production. Extra insulin promotes fat storage.

In addition, drinking sodas increases a person's calorie intake, which also contributes to obesity.

But what about zero calories (or low calorie) diet sodas? Diet sodas too are associated with increased calorie intake because most people who drink them increase calories from other foods. Incredibly, drinking diet soda has also been associated with poorer food choices (5) overall.

Another way soda affects bone health indirectly? Obesity.

5.  Diabetes

As discussed above, the liquid sugars in sodas directly impact blood sugars, which contributes to obesity. It also increases the risk of diabetes.

Many studies have found that sodas contribute to Diabetes on individual, and epidemic levels (6, 7).

In turn, Diabetes contributes to poor bone health.


There's little doubt that soda affects bone health negatively. If you've resolved to quit drinking soda, that's great. Your bones and your entire body will benefit from this resolution. Stick with it, and your Silical System, for better bone health in 2020!

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