5 New Bone-Building Habits for the New Year

It's almost the New Year, so what better time to start adding new bone-building habits? If you're trying to maintain strong bones, or improve your current strength, the time is now.

Why not wait?

Every year you age, your bone density can decline at a rate of 1% per year.

But you can build it instead. Starting today and throughout the New Year, add these 5 simple bone-building habits for great bone health!

5 Bone-Building Habits for the New Year

1.Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is not yet well-known as a bone-building habit, but it is a potent vitamin for the bones.

In fact, many studies now support its use to build bones and prevent fractures.

Also known as menaquinone, Vitamin K2 is naturally found in animal sources and fermented vegetarian foods.

Vitamin K1 is the more well-known of the K vitamins and is applied even to newborns to help with blood clotting, from birth onward.

While the previous emphasis has been on K1, we now know that Vitamin K2:

  • May reduce spinal fractures, hip fractures, and osteoporosis. 
  • Supports good dental health from infancy into advanced age (1)
  • Reduces calcium accumulation in the arteries to reduce heart disease and improve bone health (2)

To add more Vitamin K2 to your diet, eat foods including spinach, cheese, egg yolks, and dark chicken meat. Then, add your Silical System daily for vitamin K2 and silicon.

2. Weight-Bearing Exercise, Outside if Possible

Not only does exercise make your muscles stronger, but weight-bearing exercise is effective among bone-building habits.

When you engage in resistance training (weights) and weight-bearing exercise such as walking, hiking, jogging, climbing stairs, playing tennis, and dancing, you'll stimulate your bones to build themselves and grow stronger.

What's more, if you're able to do so outside in the sunshine, you can increase your synthesis of Vitamin D. With even just 20 minutes of sunshine per day, your body will synthesis vitamin D to build your bones.

3. Add Magnesium Every Day

When looking at bone-building habits, you must include magnesium. It's vital for bones, and much more in the human body.

Incredibly, it is required for blood sugar stability, energy production, bones, sleep cycles, immune function and more (3).

What's more, magnesium deficiency is incredibly common among adults. Low magnesium is linked to weak bones as well as poor absorption of calcium into the bones (4). Since it's a strong risk factor for osteoporosis, it must be corrected.

To increase your intake of magnesium, eat high-magnesium foods such as raw cacao, hemp heart seeds, spinach, almonds, cashews, and peanuts, avocados, and plain yogurt.

Then, add your Silical System to add daily magnesium.

4. Diindolylmethane (DIM)

DIM, or Diindolylmethane, is a nutrient and bone-building habit that strengths bones directly. It's actually produced by our bodies when we eat cruciferous vegetables.

It can also be taken as a supplement.

No matter how you get it, DIM balances hormones by improving estrogen balance. Specifically, it converts  “bad estrogens,” into good estrogen metabolites. Unfortunately, bad estrogens are associated with pre-menstrual and menopausal symptoms including cramping, skin issues, fat gain, low energy, and even breast cancer.

On the flip side, good estrogens promote leaner bodies and strong bones. Improving the balance of good estrogens to bad estrogens is a great part of bone-building habits for women.

5. Probiotics for Gut Health

Probiotics and fermented foods also promote strong bones!

How? They (5):

  • Produce enzymes that combat mineral-decreasing phytates in foods
  • Increase bone-building mineral absorption
  • Reduce inflammation in the intestines to improve digestion and absorption
  • Break up bonds in glycosidic-bound foods to strengthen bones

In addition, probiotics and fermented foods improve digestion, reduce constipation, and reduce bloating for many people who suffer from digestive issues such as IBS and more.

What's more, they can boost your immune function and reduce the instances of colds and respiratory infections.

You can get more probiotics and fermented foods to improve bone health by eating foods such as plain yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, "living foods" and taking lactobacillus acidophilus or other probiotic supplements.

Bottom Line

It's almost a New Year, and a new opportunity for you to add bone-building habits into everyday life. Don't let another year go by that declines your bone density. Fight back with these 5 bone-building habits. You can build your bones with them and your daily Silical System.


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