Why Collagen is Critically Important for Your Joint Health

Did you know that a staggering half of the American population is projected to develop joint problems after the age of 50?

If you don't want to end up being part of this statistic, then it is important to start taking care of your joints today. One of the most important aspects of joint health is the maintenance of collagen in the body.

So you might be wondering what exactly is collagen and why is it so important for your joint health?

Collagen Protein

Collagen is considered a structural protein that binds cells together contributing to the shape and integrity of bodily tissues. It is because of this impressive ability to hold things together that collagen obtained its name. The word collagen is actually derived from the greek word kolla which is translated as “glue.”

Collagen is the primary protein in your skin, hair nails, bones, and connective tissue. In fact, collagen comprises up to 40% of the protein in the human body!

This is why it is so important to supplement with collagen to maintain strong and healthy joints!

How to Build Healthy Collagen

Supplementing with collagen protein is not the only way to make sure your body is building healthy collagen for the joints and connective tissue.

There are several different vitamin and mineral cofactors that allow your body to endogenously produce its own collagen for the hair, skin, nails, and connective tissue.

One such vitamin cofactor is vitamin C.

Vitamin C and Collagen

Vitamin C is essential for proper formation of collagen.

Severe vitamin C deficiency is called Scurvy and causes death from fragile blood vessels with weak collagen. Scurvy was common among sailors before British sailors started taking limes on board to provide vitamin C during long ocean voyages.

Unfortunately, most Americans still fail to consume the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. This may not cause full-blown Scurvy but mild vitamin C deficiency may increase the risk of skin cancer, and poor collagen in skin, hair, nails and bone.

Silicon and Collagen

Silicon is also very important for healthy collagen. Adequate dietary intake of silicon increases the body’s ability to produce collagen while strengthening the collagen that’s produced. This is because collagen is made from woven threads of proteins, and silicon helps lock the threads together with cross-links.

Silicon supplements can increase strength of finger nails and increase the thickness of hairs. Silicon supplements also boost skin collagen and decrease wrinkles. Collagen in bone attracts calcium and becomes hard instead of being flexible like the collagen in hair, skin and nails. Increased silicon intake is associated with better bone health and that’s partly because the collagen fabric is tougher.

Supplementation is Essential

To ensure your body is producing and maintaining adequate levels of collagen for optimal joint health, supplementation is key.

That's why Dr. Charles Price developed Joint Formula with UC-II undenatured collagen protein.

This premium supplement contains high quality collagen protein along with other important joint health nutrients.

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