Top 4 Inflammatory Foods that Trigger Arthritis

According to statistics, it is likely that you or someone you know suffer the from osteoarthritis.

In fact, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) approximates that by the year 2040 almost seventy-eight million adults will have some form of arthritis.

Arthritis is characterized by  pain and stiffness in the joints. These symptoms are cause by an underlying inflammation at the joint site. It has been well documented that changes in the diet can have a profound impact on inflammation the body.

By removing inflammatory foods from the diet you can begin to calm the inflammation around the joints and reduce symptoms of pain and stiffness.

Here are 5 foods to avoid if you have arthritis:

1. Fried Foods

Fried foods contain advanced glycation end products, also known as "AGEs." AGEs are toxins that have been shown to damage proteins within and the body and increase cytokines. Cytokines are messengers of inflammation and have been linked yo the likelihood of developing arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

2. Sugar

It is well known at this point that excessive intake of sugar and refined carbs is absolutely devastating to health. Including high amounts of these foods (sugars, refined carbs) in the diet increases the number of AGEs in the body which results in added inflammation. Individuals who eliminate sweets, processed foods, sodas, and white flour products will gain relative health benefits from the change.

3. Gluten

Consuming wheat products can contribute to painful joints in many individuals. This is due primarily to the type of protein they contain which is called gluten. Gluten free diets have exploded in popularity in recent years because it turns out that many people are sensitive to this hard to digest protein. Gluten can pass through the digestive tract undigested and poke holes in the delicate lining of the intestines. This is called leaky gut. Leaky gut allows food and bacteria to enter the blood stream leading to inflammation and the exacerbation of arthritis symptoms.

4. Alcohol

Many health problems exist due to alcohol and tobacco use, including joint problems. Individuals who drink alcohol excessively are at an increased risk of developing inflammatory diseases. Alcohol burdens the liver and taxes the immune system. Chronic alcohol use will deplete the body's ability to heal and regenerate which can worsen arthritis sysmptoms.


Listen to Your Body

It is crucial that you listen to the signals your body is sending you. There is no one specific diet for everyone who is suffering from arthritis. Every body has individual needs. Individuals may be more sensitive to one food over another.

Try taking each of the foods mentioned above out of your diet for 3-4 weeks. Take note of any change in symptoms. Slowly reintroduce the food and note if any symptoms return or change. This will help you learn what foods you are personally sensitive to.

And remember that a balanced diet is always important in addition to keeping the body at a healthy weight.

Food is Not Enough

While it certainly is very important to avoid inflammatory foods and eat a bone building diet, it can actually be really hard to make sure you get all of the right nutrients in the right ratios from just food alone.

This is why supplementation with key nutrients is so important for bone health.

Dr. Charles Price developed the Silical System formula specifically to provide the body with the most important vitamins and minerals for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

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