Your Doctor Won't Tell You About This Bone Building Miracle Mineral

When most people hear the word "silicon," they think of technological innovation and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

But it turns out that this valuable mineral is important for much more than creating cool new technology.

Silicon is an incredibly important mineral for optimal human health. Silicon plays a role in promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails. More importantly, however, silicon is essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

Silicon and Bone Health

Most bone health nutrients do one of two things. They either prevent the degradation of healthy bone or they help promote the formation of new bone. Silicon is special because it can actually support both of these biological processes.

Why Your Doctor Won't Tell You

Despite the science behind silicon's effect on bone health, you are unlikely to hear most doctors recommend this miracle mineral to their patients.

Silicon is largely overlooked because despite the fact that silicon is important to the formation of bones, it is not actually found in mature bones in very meaningful amounts.

This is due to the way bone calcification works.

Bone Calcification

Bone calcification is the process through which calcium is deposited in to bone in order to strengthen its structure.

This is why silicon is far more abundant in new bone than in established bone. Silicon actually acts to attract calcium in the bone. Silicon then leaves the newly formed bone once it has become calcified.

Sources of Silicon

Silicon is not to be confused with silicone, silica, or silicates. These are compounds of silica mixed with other elements for industrial purposes!

When ingesting silicon for bone health, it should be in the easily absorbable and bioactive form of organic silicon.

Common foods containing organic silicon are root vegetables, whole grains, and green beans.

However, it can be difficult to meet the daily requirements for bone health through diet alone.

Supplementing Silicon

The recommended daily intake of silicon for optimal bone mineral density is upwards towards 40 milligrams per day. Most people only get about 20 milligrams per day from diet.

This is why we include silicon in the Silical System formula.

There are numerous studies that show the role of silicon in lowering the risk of bone fracture. In areas of the world where the food supply is high silicon due to its presence in the soil, incidence of hip fracture in the elderly is dramatically reduced.

Incorporate silicon in to your daily healthy regimen so you can keep your bones healthy and strong well in to old age!








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