Vitamin K Deficiency Linked to Knee Osteoarthritis

Now, there’s even more reason to care for your bones and joints together. New research shows a link between vitamin K deficiency and risk of developing knee osteoarthritis (OA). The American Journal of Medicine: Vitamin K Deficiency Is Associated with Incident Knee Osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis affecting older adults in the United States.  Osteoarthritis commonly affects the knee joints and leads to pain that limits function and exercise.
Currently there are few therapeutic options to treat knee OA. Many of the drugs have limited efficacy, and none can prevent or halt the progression of knee OA. Therefore there is a critical need to develop safe and effective therapeutic treatments including supplements.

Vitamin K deficiency is prevalent in the U.S. -  The RDA is 109 mcg (micrograms), but the average dietary intake is  80, and more than half the population consumes less than 70.

The benefits of Vitamin K for bone health are well established: Vitamin K has been show to improve bone density at more than 109 mg, and reduce fracture rates - even for people with low bone density.

Most people don’t treat their bones and joints together, even though their health is codependent.

The 4 key areas of joint health are:

  1.  The smooth cartilage surface that provides low-friction gliding
  2. The joint lining that makes lubricating fluids
  3. The ligaments that hold the joint together
  4. The bone that supports the joint surface.


“Our analysis identified a specific effect on cartilage rather than bone,” says study leader Dr. Devyani Misra.

Silical® System provides the most easily absorbed active form of vitamin K, K2VITAL™ - produced from pure and highly concentrated bioavailable K vitamins. Vitamin K2 activates bone proteins and makes them stronger.  The supply of these proteins is increased by vitamin D (in Silical® 1, part of the Silical System).

Other ingredients that enhance vitamin K are boron - areas of the World with high boron content in foods have very low frequency of arthritis; and an organic form of silicon, which is important for cartilage formation.

If you’re a joint sufferer, you can add IBBH Joint Formula with UC-II® collagen in addition to Silical System to get the benefits of vitamin K, plus healthier joint cartilage and joint pain-relief. Care for your bones and joints in harmony.

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