Bone Health Q & A: When Will I See Results with Silical?

“How will I know if Silical System is working and when will I notice a difference? Will I see results in 30 days if I choose the 30 day supply preference?”

In the first 30 days you will be able to sample Silical 1 and 2 and adjust to taking it around your schedule. Just like a multi-vitamin you are not going to see any outward change in one month.  Bone health is a life-long project, just like exercising to loose weight, for those who want to live a full and active life during their later years.

Silical 1 and 2 are recommended to be used daily to support bone health. We call the combination Silical System because Silical 1 and Silical 2 work together to promote both aspects of bone health – bone hardness and bone quality (or the structure of bone). Bone quality includes bones’ ability to be resilient and flexible and bounce back from an impact or fall. Bone quality depends on the health of your bone collagen because collagen is the support structure of bone.

With a three-month supply of Silical1 and 2 you may see a difference in your skin, hair and nails because the collagen in bone is the same as the collagen in skin, hair and nails.

Studies also show that metabolic improvements in bone health can occur within six weeks when dietary supplements are added to a natural bone health program. These are measured by studies of blood and urine samples but are generally used for scientific research and not so much by your physician.

Another example of an early benefit you may experience from Silical is better balance from improved vitamin D levels. Most other benefits require six months or more because bone changes very slowly just like skin, hair and nails grow slowly.

A year is generally needed to see changes in your DXA scan, but many factors influence DXA scan results. Remember that a DXA scan only measures part of bone health. The part measured by DXA scan is bone mineral density, which is mostly the calcium content.

Silical System is different from most bone health supplements because it is developed by orthopedic surgeons to also promote bone quality. The nutrients in Silical 1 support bone hardness while the nutrients in Silical 2 are extremely important for collagen support. This two-part program is why it’s called SilicalSystem.

By contrast, most supplements emphasize calcium for bone hardness, but too much calcium – more than 2,000 mg per day from supplements and food - is actually harmful for bone health because bones can become brittle.

Another reason why Silical System is different from other supplements is because it is based on research that shows that several key nutrients for bone health are insufficient in the diets of most Americans. More than calcium and vitamin D is needed for complete bone health. Some nutrients, like vitamin K, silicon, magnesium and boron are absent from most multivitamins, or are in forms that are poorly digested.

Also, Silical System does not have mega doses or unknown extracts because research shows that a balanced approach to supplementation enhances the effects of several of the nutrients.

Silical 1 and 2 are recommended to be used daily for complete bone health.  Understanding how the nutrients work together can help you understand the timing of the capsules and why packaging all of them into one bottle may not have been as effective.

Lastly, success takes time and depends on other factors. You’re never too young or too old to begin Silical System because nutrition is the foundation of good bone health. Exercise and proper lifestyle choices are also beneficial. Silical is recommended for the foundation of a complete natural bone health program that includes:

  1. A nutritious, diverse diet
  2. Moderate exercise, especially strength training
  3. A daily supplement that provides all of the essential nutrients bones need, not just calcium and vitamin D, and works synergistically
  4.  Healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors


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