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Better Bone Health Blog

  • Do You Have This Common Vitamin Deficiency?

    Did you know nearly ninety percent (90%) of adults in the US may be deficient in vitamin D? The vitamin is the most recommended supplement by physicians today. Individuals who have less than desirable sun exposure, as well as those who are overweight, hold an increased risk of deficiency.

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  • 10 Warning Signs of Thinning Bones

    One of the most common signs of aging is osteoporosis. The disease plagues more than half of adults over the age of fifty (50). Osteoporosis is known to cause weak bones which lead to fractures. Complications can also arise from the medical condition.

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  • Boron-Rich Stir Fry Recipe

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  • Sue Price's Silical® Success Story

    Sue Matheson Price led a very active and healthy lifestyle, so she was surprised when she developed a bone problem. Since Sue started taking the Silical® System, tests show that her bones have improved greatly. Sue's personal trainer is also a big fan of the Silical® System. Listen to their testimony below!
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  • Dr. Price Discovers A Breakthrough Mineral For Bone Health

    As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Charles T. Price knew he could find answers to help strengthen and support bones and joints. He has made it his life's mission to research what he believes is the best formula for strengthening bones and joints. Dr. Price is convinced the Silical® System and Joint Formula is essential to overall bone and joint health.

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