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Better Bone Health Blog

  • How To Boost Your Bone Health Pre & Post Menopause

    Bone health can be enhanced at any age, especially before and after menopause. Bone cells are constantly breaking down and building at an excellent rate when the body is in perfect balance. Dr. Cannada, orthopedic surgeon, reminds the public a lifetime of healthy habits continually promotes strong bones.

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  • New Study Reveals This Diet Improves Bone Health

    Scientific studies continue to highlight the benefits of following the Mediterranean Diet. The dietary plan produces longer life, prevents various diseases, helps weight maintenance, keeps the brain healthy, lowers the risk of cancer, decreases the risk of heart disease, provides excellent nutrients, and is easy to follow. Now studies reveal the plan is wonderful for bone health (JAMA Internal Medicine).

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  • 9 Things Women Should Know About Bone Health

    The physical body contains two-hundred-six (206) bones and being aware of ways to improve bone health throughout life is important. Dr. Abelson of Cleveland Clinic reminds us, many women do not think about bone health until they are in their forties (40s). As women age, problems with bone health can arise due to hormone changes.

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  • This Common Food Additive Could Be Increasing Your Joint Pain

    Sugar consumption provides many negative effects upon the body, especially when consumption rates are high. Sugar is found in many products purchased and consumed including candies, pies, sodas, alcohols, ice creams, crackers, ketchup, yogurts, and even peanut butters. Pastas, potatoes, and white products (white rice, white bread) convert to sugar in the body quickly.

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  • 7 Inflammatory Foods To Avoid With Osteoarthritis

    The Center for Disease Control (CDC) approximates by 2040 nearly seventy-eight million adults will have some form of arthritis. Arthritis is a condition which includes inflammation and joint pain. Treatment by many physicians include pain medication. Continue reading

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