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You Need Consistent Calcium Every Day

Good bone health depends on consistent calcium from foods and supplements each and every day.

Calcium plays a huge role in your bone health from helping new bone form to maintaining strong, healthy bones. Its primary role is in making bone hard by improving bone density. Also, in people who are recovering from a fracture or bone injury, calcium comes into play in the later stages of bone healing as your bones recover strength.

Even though calcium is the best-known nutrient for bone health (along with vitamin D) most people don’t fully understand why they need supplemental calcium, not just for their bones but their whole body. Nearly all body systems need essential nutrients and calcium is an essential nutrient. When we don’t get enough calcium, it’s not just our bones that suffer, but the rest of our body as well.

Professor Robert Heaney, PhD is an internationally recognized expert in the field of calcium nutrition. For over 50 years he has been at the forefront of research for calcium and bone biology. He has an excellent explanation of how calcium moves around the body to meet deficits:

"If my intake of calcium is low today, the body doesn’t wait until tomorrow or next week to do something about it. It increases bone remodeling today, so as to access the calcium it needs today."

Bone remodeling can be a difficult concept to understand. Bone remodeling is a lifelong process where mature bone tissue is removed from the skeleton and new bone tissue is formed.

"Bone remodeling is just like the remodeling of a building - we tear out old structures and replace them with new. When calcium intake isn’t sufficient to meet the body’s needs, the rate of remodeling speeds up, so as to release more of the bone’s calcium. With bone, just as with our buildings, a structure being remodeled is fragile until the repair has been completed. Not surprisingly, therefore, a skeleton undergoing a lot of remodeling is much more fragile than a skeleton with less."

Calcium is critical to other body systems. This continual flow of calcium into and out of bone helps maintain constant calcium levels we need for healthy muscles, heart, kidneys and other organ systems. When we don’t consume enough calcium, bone provides the calcium we do need on a daily basis, and it becomes weaker in the process.

Heaney also busts another common myth that calcium causes kidney stones. Numerous studies show that a high calcium intake may actually lowers the risk of kidney stones. Calcium also neutralizes irritants linked to colon cancer, and calcium helps control blood pressure, helps maintain body composition (weight loss), and performs numerous other activities that sustain optimal health.

All of this underscores the importance of getting enough calcium every day from foods and supplements – because it is always needed by one part of the body or another. That’s the reason why, in so many of the studies showing bone benefits of calcium, the effect begins immediately: you don’t have to wait to build up skeletal mass to benefit from calcium.

The typical American diet provides approximately 700 mg of calcium each day, but the National Institutes of Health has determined that we need 1200 mg daily for optimum health. This is why Silical® provides 500 mg of calcium to make up for what’s missing in the typical American diet. We consider this to be a safe yet effective amount for bone health. Other supplements contain calcium in much higher doses but there is actually a turning point with calcium: too much increases the risk of fractures because bone becomes brittle as the bone stores calcium beyond its needs.

As Professor Heany reminds us, all body systems need essential nutrients. It’s better to get nutrition from a balanced mix of nutrients instead of going overboard with one or two nutrients (like calcium or vitamin D). The Silical System provides balanced nutrition for bones by offering nine important ingredients for bone health, including calcium, at sound amounts. The convenience of Silical is that it gives you calcium plus other essential nutrients each and every day for easy, balanced bone health.

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