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Silical® System plus Silical® Boost

  • Supports Natural Healing after Surgery or Broken Bones
  • Developed by Leading Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Designed for Each Sta... Learn More

Silical® System plus IBBH Joint Formula with UC-II®

Silical® System provides an organic form of silicon plus additional ingredients for optimum bone health. It delivers quality, proven ingredients an... Learn More

Silical® System

For a tree to bend without breaking, it needs strength and flexibility in equal measures. Your bones are the same. Even though you may be eating we... Learn More

Joint Formula with UC-II®

IBBH Joint Formula incorporates three important ingredients that act in a few weeks instead of months. Studies show that a small amount of UC-II® c... Learn More

Silical® 2

Silical 2 is an improved bone health supplement that enhances Calcium and Vitamin D. Silical 2 contains new nutrients, including an organic form of... Learn More

Silical® Boost

Silical Boost is a special bone health supplement for bones in distress. Silical Boost supports natural bone healing after a fracture or surgery, a... Learn More

IBBH Omega

IBBH Omega is a quality omega fish oil supplement – and is superior to many fish oils sold today. The type and quality of the fish, the water it co... Learn More

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